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Des Moines WHO 13
September 28, 2023

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Valuing Graduate Students Starts with Unionizing

Iowa State Daily
October 12, 2022

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An overview of our background, goals, and progress towards unionization (Google Slides). You are welcome to share it or any part of it as long as you don’t change any of the content.  Deleting slides that aren’t relevant to your particular purpose is fine.

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We need at least 30% of the graduate worker population to physically sign a petition indicating that they are in support of holding a vote for unionization. Note: Signing this does not mean you are already in the union, or that you are already voting for the union to form.
Since we need physical signatures, feel free to print this sheet and bring it back to a GSV member (either one you know or at a live GSV event).


Unionization Timeline


Is Unionizing Legal?

GSV Business Card

Our Business Card

Feel free to save, print, share, etc. as desired to get the word out! The QR code links to this website. Catch us at an in-person event to get a physical copy.

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More in-depth resource sheet about the laws around unionizing.

Image by Jake Hills

More in-depth resource sheet about our timeline to unionizing.

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